Cheka Food Program

Providing Nutritious Meals For Growing Minds

Last year, Cheka School volunteer Sarineh Manaci started the Cheka School Food Program to provide Cheka students with two substantial and nutritional meals daily.  For some students, these are the only meals they receive in a day.

Prior to the development of this program, Cheka students received one half of a banana for breakfast, and a small cup of porridge for lunch. Thanks to the donation-funded program, students are now receiving a banana and porridge for breakfast and a full lunch of beans and rice or stew.

Additionally, on the last Friday of the month, students will enjoy Pilau, which is a tasty dish consisting of rice, vegetables and meats. The program has increased the children’s focus, decreased illnesses and made for a happier learning environment!

Provide a Meal

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

By making a donation to this program, you are contributing to a healthier diet for the amazing children of Cheka School and improving their learning.  Simply visit the GoFundMe site below, and write “Food Program” in the comment section.