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Without Cheka’s free education, these children would be unable to afford pre-primary schooling. Cheka is able to provide an education to the children with zero cost to the families through donations and sponsorship.

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A Day in the Life

Cheka students begin arriving at 7:30am.  They enjoy free time on the playground with friends until it is time to line up for parade, which consists of student-lead songs and prayer.  The students have 30-minute lessons in English, phonics, handwriting, math, Swahili, science, religion, art and music.

Lessons are taught in English as much as possible, except for Swahili classes. Cheka teachers use a variety of teaching methods to reach all types of students. Cheka teachers love incorporating art, music and dance into the lessons whenever possible.They use small-group instruction, hands-on learning,  differentiation, kinesthetic learning and individualized support to keep learning fun and engaging.

The children enjoy educational field trips to Meserani Snake Park where they study reptiles.  In the past, students have visited the Arusha Airport, Arusha National Park, and Lake Duluti.

Cheka School’s curriculum was created by Cheka teaching advisors to foster a balanced, engaging and well-rounded education.  The curriculum is updated each school year with input from our dedicated volunteers.  Cheka teachers, co-managers and volunteers are dedicated to forming close relationships with the children and their families.

Co-managers and volunteers frequently go on “home visits” to meet parents, siblings and extended families.  Parent meetings take place once a term to keep lines of communication open, answering questions and addressing concerns.

Once children leave Cheka, they are not forgotten.  We continue to visit past students, and monitor their progress in their secondary schools. Whenever possible, we try to find sponsors for students as they enter into the next level of schooling.


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