Cheka School Managers and Staff


Many volunteers have donated their time and funds to make Cheka School what it is today.  Arika Abernathy-White, Sarah Bielaski, Al Kassam, Sonia Moradian, and Deo Mwolo currently manage Cheka School.  As managers, they do not receive a salary or profit from the school in any way.  For more information please visit the “Contact Us” page.


Cheka’s excellent teachers are Thabea William and Happy Rafael. Both teachers have a certification in Early Childhood Education in Tanzania.  Thabea and Happy are caring teachers with a passion for education and strengthening their community.  They enjoy learning and implementing the latest teaching techniques from the Cheka Teaching Advisors along with many certified teacher volunteers who visit Cheka. 


In addition to two wonderful teachers, Cheka also employs two guards who keep the students and school safe morning and night.  We also have fantastic mamas who cook the students’ morning and mid-day meals, and keep the school grounds clean.

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