Hey everyone,

I can’t believe it is already December and roughly only 2 weeks until Christmas! This term has passed by very fast but it is time to prepare for the next school year when we will have lots of changes and new exciting things. I’m going to try and update you and fill you in on everything:

Because of Tanzania Laws and regulations – we can not continue to be a pre-primary school – ie the children have to leave Cheka a bit earlier. We used to have children aged 3y to 7y and they used to straight to Primary School or Preparatory Class after Cheka. Now, they have to attend Government Pre-primary scool when they turn 5y. In order to have children at Cheka above the age of 5y, we will have to own the land and school building. However much that is Cheka’s future goal and what we aim to do one day, it is not possible at the moment.

So for this new school year that starts in January – we will have 18 new 2 year olds start their Cheka journey ♥
Together with 5 of the “old” students they will attend Day care/Pre-primary school together.

These past few months, volunteer Nasim has been on home visits together with the teachers, seeing their family and living conditions and hear why they want their child to go to Cheka. After the intake was decided, I had a parents meeting for the new Cheka parents. I gave them information about what Cheka is, what they can expect from Cheka and what is expected from them as parents.
After that, individual student profiles were made for our reccords.

Since we are not ready to let go of our Cheka kiddos too early, the children that left Cheka this school year (16 children) will come to Cheka after their school day at government pre-primary school is over (at around 11.30). They will have lunch at Cheka, play and learn some more, have some afternoon fruits and then go home at 3.30pm with all the other children. This way they are attending government pre-primary school but also get to be at Cheka for some extra Cheka love and care.


Since the new kiddos are so young, we are introducing nap time for all the tired little ones. I am preparing matresses, sheets, pillows and blankets during the December holidays and I will also need to sew some curtains to keep the strong African sun away when it’s time to rest.

Because the younger children need a bit more attention, we have decided to make the Cheka office in to a TV-room – here all children can relax in front of a nice cartoon or the older after school children can get away from the little ones and  enjoy info cartoons and learn a bunch of new things.
Teacher Thabea and Mama Rizzi went all teh way to Moshi today to look for comfy carpets to put in the new TV room and exchange the big carpet that is getting a bit old as well.

Food menu is still the same but with slight changes – in the morning the children will enjoy porridge. The when the afternoon children arrive they will all enjoy lunch together and late afternoon there will be fruit time with seasonal fruits.

Uniforms – we have decided that the children will have more comfortable uniforms next year. T-shirts will be printed with Cheka School Logo and sweat pants will be made. Lovely Aida, an expat here in Arusha, donated tons of comfy cotton fabric to Cheka School that will be perfect for making the sweat pants. Thank you Aida ♥

We are all very excited to welocme the new children at Cheka – I have already met them and they are as always absolutely adorable.
Don’t forget to become a Cheka School Sponsor to help us continue the work of giving the children in Kiranyi a safe place to play and learn and for their families to be able to create a secure future for their children.

Updates will follow on the whole sewing curtains and sheet thing – I am very sceptical myself as to how it will actually turn out….