Good morning,

Another week has started at Cheka – we are getting close to the December holidays and it is always a stressful time for us. Budgets for next year need to be made, accounts for the past year need to be arranged and submitted for review and the Christmas campaigns need to be put together and shared and so much more. Luckily, I have volunteers at the school that can help me with the everyday routines at school so I can concentrate on the other things.
Enjoy Nasim’s blogpost for last week:

Hey guys!
No update last week, it has been a very busy time at Cheka. The small rain season has started so depending on how lucky or unlucky we are some days getting to the school will be harder than others.

Me and Mathayo repainted the front of the school. That day it was of course super sunny so we had to take breaks in the shade from time to time. It went well though and now the front is white and clean!

We have also been finishing up the files for the home visits and we had a parent meeting to brief all the parents about how Cheka works and what they need to know. In January there will be 18 little two year olds starting at Cheka, but by that time I will be back in cold Sweden!

We are preparing the school for the smaller children, making a room for them

to sleep in and reorganizing the cupboards.

Art classes have been filled with more fun. We have done hand paintings and hungry caterpillar with toilet rolls. This week I wanted the children to be creative on their own so we had a lesson where they got a blank paper. “Unataka kuchora nini?” means “What do you want to draw?”. At first not many suggestions came up but a the hour passed the imagination started running wild and the whiteboard was filled with ideas.

I can’t believe I have been here 7 weeks already. Only three more to go!