Hi everyone 👋🏽

I am Nasim from Sweden and I am going to be volunteering at Cheka School for two months. One week into it, and I keep being amazed, both by the teachers and the children. 

I found out about Cheka from a former volunteer. I saw her photos and since I’ve been wanting to volunteer for years I asked her about her experience and how she did it. After all the wonderful praise from her I got in touch with fellow Swede, and principal of Cheka school, Sonia. We spoke and I decided to quit my job, come to Cheka, and now I am here.

My first day I was greeted with a “hello, teacher” from a sea of smiling faces. My first impression, which keep on being strengthened, is how incredible bright these young children are. At an age where we in Sweden haven’t even started learning the alphabet these kids know big and small letters. They are learning to count in English and they are doing math. During music lesson we are singing songs in English while dancing and I can just try to keep up with the moves! 

These children are so filled with energy and with teachers Thabea and Happy being able to channel that energy into learning, I am getting the feeling I might be learning more here then I will be giving. 

That energy is certainly also present on the playground where I have spent this last week jumping, chasing and laughing. Being at this school will probably be all the exercise I need here in Arusha! My first Swahili sentence, “Jina lako nani?” (What’s your name) I repeated countless times, which I learned from the quick-lesson Swahili papers in the lovely volunteer house where I am staying. My long hair has also been an appreciated new toy and if I don’t tie it up I am ambushed by five kids who start braiding it. 

I have been received with open arms here at Cheka. Now that I am starting to get into the daily routines I will see what I can do to try to help this school improve even more. Teaching English I cannot even pretend I could do a better job at so I have a feeling my job here will be bringing out the more creative side of the children. 

But we will see, I will keep you posted!