Hey guys,

It’s been a long time since anyone updated the blog. We were in fact supposed to have 3 guest bloggers, former volunteers Tess, Ellie and Sanj. They ended uop being really busy and I ended up being really busy and so it never happened. This is something I really do want to implement though so that the whole Cheka family can follow the everyday life at the school.

I am just back in Tz and a new term has started at Cheka – we do not have as many kiddos as before because we haven’t recruited the new students yet. As a part of registering Cheka School and new Tanzanian laws & regulations, we have had to lower the ages of our students – we are now not allowed to have students older than 5 years. So we have decided to lower the intake age to 2 years so that we can have the students for longer at Cheka and therefor be able to give them a good academic and social foundation.
Once the list has been completed we will now start the home visits and get the recruitment going, we are all super excited to have the new students.

Right now we have a student from the University if Leipzig, volunteer Jette, doing her internship at Cheka She will be with us another week before she will return back home.

Cheka Food Project’s Sarineh is here for a short visit – we always love to have her around. With money donated from her mother, we are building tables for the dinign room and a working table in the kitchen for Mama Rizzi – we send lots of love and thank you to Mama Sarineh ♥

Next volunteer at Cheka is Nasim from Sweden – she will be staying at the Cheka volunteer house and volunteer at Cheka for 2 months.

Have a lovely weekend – stay tuned for more updates coming up.


/ Sonia