Hey everyone,

So finally I am posting the pics I promised and I have added a few more from the recent events at Cheka.

We had our first day of serving the kiddos eggs as a side dish with their lunch last week and they loved it! Thanks a million to all of you who donated to the Chicken Coop – it is a complete success and one of the best things happening to cheka School in a long time! Asanteni sana!

Volunteer Sarah had a Germany-day on her last day and serbed the children German meatballs (we all know meatballs are really Swedish but well well…), mashed potatoes and katchumbari (local salad) – followed by balloons and candy! A lot of tears were shed as usual when we say goodbye to Sarah but a visit from teacher Thabea and her little princess cheered us up and made the day absolutely perfect.



Another sad goodbye to another Cheka soulmate; Sarineh that has been at Cheka her 4th year in a row left us last week after 3 months in Arusha. Sarineh started the Food Project in 2014 and still keeps it running – she and all the lovely donors are keeping the kiddos healthy with full tummies! Asante sana Sarineh na rudi mapema (come back soon) ‚ô•

Another visit was from our partner safari company Lemasani Safari guests; a group of 12 painters from with teachers Sophie and Patrick  from Belgium came to visit the school and brought with them loaaaads of school material and toys and also donated some money Рit is the second time Patrick and Sophie + group visit the school and we thank them for their generous donations both times and for coming to visit us. Asanteni sana!

Until next time everyone, stay safe and Cheka!