Hey everyone,

It has been waaaaay too long since we updated the blog. Volunteers were super-busy and actually couldn’t make time for the blogging we promised. I am trying to find a good system and schedule special blogging time 3 times a week for the volunteers so that we can get this blog going.

A lot has happened since we last updates; all volunteers have sadly left us and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the time, love and fun times we shared at Cheka.

We have a former, much loved volunteer Sarah here on a visit. On Wednesday she went to Tengeru market to get a bunch of used clothes for one of our student’s mother as a part of micro-financing scheme here at Cheka. Mama Erick’s husband sadly passed away last year in an accident and Mama Erick has been struggling with finding a job. So we have decided to give her a small loan to start up a used clothes-business and have made up a plan for her to refund the money once the business grows. We will be a support for Mama Erick all the way, providing her with tips and financial advise and we wish her a flourishing business ♥

Chickens, chickens! Our lovely chicks have finally laid their first eggs. We have a solid 2 eggs per day and have a total of approx 25 eggs right now. On Friday we are planning our first egg-meal – I promise to update the blog with pics of that.

Got to get going, we are expecting visitors at Cheka today. Pics will follow in next post 😉