A bit delayed blog post from our volunteer and guest blogger Anna Wewerka from Germany who is staying with us for 8 months!! ♥


Hi everyone!
I am Anna from Germany and I volunteer at Cheka School for 8 months in total. After i graduated High School in Germany, I make a gap year in Tansania. Like it eas always a dream of me. Now 15 weeks already passed and I just realise how fast the time passes.

My first day at Cheka was in July. I got a really nice impression of the school. The building and the playground outside are well provided. The classrooms are full of colourful posters and learning material. Also the schedule is very well organised. I was quite surprised, because I didn’t expect it to be like this. So much work has already been done by volunteers and the director!
I also got to know the staff and the students. Everyone was very welcoming and the kids are so adorable and cute.
So I spent the first 3 weeks in school to get to know how things work. I had quite a bad timing because in August the holiday started. I organised Summerschool with another German Volunteer. We chose a topic for everyday: First-day, Journey around the world, the rainbow fish and the very hungry caterpillar. We started everyday with a “Hello-Song”. After that we did handicrafts (matching to the topic), read a story, played games etc. The day ended after lunch and the “Goodbye-Song”. There always were more children than we expected so it was sometimes chaotic but still the most important thing was: the kids loved it and we also had a great time!

In September school finally started again. Together with Janine, a Volunteer from the Netherlands, I tried to find ideas to improve the school (learning material). We also taught arts and crafts together, where we tried to get the pupils more creative. I have the impression that children here don’t have a good imagination and no big dreams, because they are always told to how to do what. When they draw for example you always need to give them a picture to copy it. They don’t know how to create it by themselves.

After a few weeks I went for travelling and missed some time at Cheka. I really missed the kids. In October I came back and with me there was a new girl: Lea from Germany. Since one week we’re working now again and we finished the gaderobe (which I started with Janine), prepared working sheets and created the pupils report form. I am looking forward to the next weeks of work.
A few days after I arrived here, my Supervisor asked me if I thought of an aim I want to achieve in my project. I didn’t know one and I started thinking about it. As I told before I was very impressed by the furnishings of the school. I asked myself: what can you do to improve this school? I am not a teacher or a professional social worker, but I found a goal. I want to leave a footprint here in Arusha. And that is how I will do it: Even though the school provides a lot for the children there still can be made improvements. The education is free for the children and paidd by sponsors and donations. The problem is: there aren’t enough sponsors. I will try to find sponsors through an auction, so paying the rent, the salaries, the uniforms, the material etc. is not a monthly challenge anymore. Maybe we can provide free education for even more children?
From now on we (Lea and me) will try to update this blog weekly. So see you next week