So it’s time for Cheka’s second guest blogger Janine from The Netherlands. We have loved having Janine with us! Read about her Cheka story below.

On the 13th of May it was for sure, I will go to Africa to do volunteer work for 6 weeks! I signed up for volunteer work with the organisation; ‘doingoood’ and I signed up for a project in Malawi but on the 17th of May they contacted me that it was not available to go there on the dates I have the opportunity to go, so I need to look for something else. And on the 21th of May I decided to go to Cheka school in Arusha, Tanzania.


On the 1st of September I arrived in Tanzania. When I arrived at the volunteer lodge of Volunteer in Tanzania, I met the other volunteers and there was also another girl who was volunteering at Cheka school. On the 6th of September it was my first day at Cheka, I was so excited and looking forwards to go to the school because that’s the reason why I’m here. The first day there were so many impressions and I really liked it that I was not the only volunteer at the project. So on 8 o’clock in the morning we were on our way to the project and I take us 1 hour to be there. I was very surprised because there were so many children and it was very hard for me to see the difference between some of them.


It is very nice because as a volunteer you can do a lot at Cheka school. You can consult with the teachers about an idea you would love to do with the children at some lessons. For example, together with the other volunteer Anna, I did arts and crafts lesson with the children and we made snakes from toilet rolls, so each child could put their own creativity in this lesson. They glue some small little pieces of paper on the toilet rolls and draw whatever they want on the toilet rolls. The snakes were ending up really colourful. In the break, Anna and I, put all the toilet rolls together with a rope and we made the heads of the snakes. Oh and I also like the music lessons here! They are so good in music!


And now I’m almost going back home, the time really flies when you are in Africa. (; Before I came here I had no idea what I had to expect about the school and everything else. But I was really surprised about the many materials they have in the school and it is so nice that you really can do something at/for the school. I did notice that there is sometimes a big difference between some children in one class. But with some lessons the teacher split up the class in 2 groups so the teacher have one group and I have one group. For example, last week we learned them more about the capital letters of the alphabet with the lesson ‘grammar’.


All the people I have met here at Cheka are so friendly and I really loved everything about staying here at Cheka school. They made my stay, here in Tanzania, even more unforgettable.